I have been a Nikon shooter for many years and still have my full frame camera.

My first experience with Fuji was when I bought the X100. I thought it was an amazing camera for a fixed lens camera. But as amazing as it was, it was rather quirky. So I sold it before Fuji really started to make the necessary firmware upgrades.

Then in late 2014 I needed a smaller camera for travel, and I was still intrigued with my previous Fuji experience, so I decided to give Fuji another try, and bought the XE2 with the kit lens.

Well I am so happy with the camera I hardly use the Nikon anymore. Yes it is a smaller sensor size, but the quality is great, the ergonomics is great. and the electronic viewfinder has been a very positive experience for me. In general I am really loving the experience of using this new camera.

So my next move is to buy a few more great Fuji lenses, and then wait to see what Fuji does with the next batch of bodies. Maybe an X2 Pro? or the XT1 with more pixels.

I would love buy an XT1 right now, but in the meantime the XE2 gives me the same quality as the XT1, so I will wait to see what Fuji has up their sleeve, and go buy those great Fuji lenses that I need.


Travel Photography, The Need For Compact Cameras

As a travel photographer camera weight, and accessories is always a problem. That is why I am looking forward to the reviews for the new cameras that are soon to be released.

Right now I am traveling with a Fuji X100 and a Nikon D7000 camera. As a long time Nikon photographer I am very intrigued with the new sensor array on the Fuji X1Pro camera. I also like the smaller form factor of this camera, and I am secretly hoping the Fuji X1Pro will be a great camera. 

I do not like the fact that Fuji has chosen to make a focal plane shutter for the X1Pro camera. A leaf shutter like the X100 would have given all photographers much more control over their shutter speeds and flash synchronization. 

The quality from my Fuji X100 at times has been awesome. Unfortunately the camera has several design flaws and has proven itself to be a very quirky camera. The focus is slow, the buffer is bad, the menu buttons are small, and the poorly thought out focus switch make it difficult use professionally.

If the Fuji X1Pro gets a great review, I would consider the Fuji system for my travel photography. My Nikon D7000 has proven itself to be a very capable camera that offers good lighting and exposure control. The camera focuses fast and Nikon has some very good lenses.

Great reviews on the Nikon D800 and the D800E could also persuade me to move up to a full frame sensor camera, even though I would prefer a smaller lighter camera system.

The price of the D7000, it’s lighter weight, and the picture quality that it produces is hard to overlook. While traveling I would prefer not to put up with the size and weight hassles of a heavier full frame DSLR camera. Carrying around an expensive full frame DSLR camera can make you a real target for theft, and several people related problems that can occur when traveling in foreign countries. 

The next few months will reveal the truth about these new cameras. For now I will enjoy taking photographs with the cameras that I have. 

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Morning Sunrise in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Today is my first attempt at posting one of my Fine Art Print Photos. I am taking photographs in Mexico and this scene was happening on one of my early morning walks during the golden minutes of the morning.

The sun was rising and I was really inspired by the beautiful golden rays that lit the morning sky. The suns rays were bouncing off the sky and casting a warm textured glow onto the ocean waves. For me the lone person walking the beach that morning added interest, balance, and size perspective to the landscape.

I was really glad to have this person walking in this scene. I liked seeing the mountains framing the background, and being inspired by the warm sky casting a golden glow on the buildings and the ocean waves. The mood was just right. Everything in this scene seemed to harmoniously work together. I hope you found this first photo blog interesting.   

Having purchased a Fuji X-100 I thought it was time to offer some insight as to whether you should line up to buy the new X-1Pro

I have been a photographer for many years shooting film, then digital. I have used and owned view cameras, Hasselblad cameras, and many Nikon film, and digital cameras. I purchased the X-100 camera for many reasons and the X-100 does take some wonderful photographs.

I enjoy using the camera but I recognize that it has many bugs, limitations, and imperfections. I will continue to use this camera for certain types of photography, but until then the Nikon DSLR’s I use will cover most of my work.

Because of my experiences with Fuji and Fuji Canada I do not recommend that people rush out to buy this camera. I could write for days about the problems with the X-100 such as a defective lens assembly that Fuji repaired twice. Or the slow focus, or the battery problems, or the buffer problems, or the useless manual focus by wire problems.

I still love my x-100 for what it is, but I use it within it’s abilities and overlook many of it’s shortcomings such as inaccurate exposure control, lack of flash control, no weather sealing and so forth.

On paper I like much of what I read and view about the X-1Pro, but I can see this camera will have many growing pains like the X-100 for a long time. One day I might buy this camera but this time I will wait until Fuji has fixed the many bugs this camera will have before buying it. I do not like the focus by wire lenses on the X-1Pro and I will wait until others report on the lenses. I don’t know if the focus will be any faster than the X-100. For me the X-1Pro needs a much faster and accurate focus.

The new X-1Pro has a new menu layout and yet Fuji still have not fixed the menu layout on the X-100. I don’t know it Fuji will be dropping the X-100 soon, but my bet is they are now totally focused on the X-1Pro camera and the sweet X-100 will receive little attention.

I will patiently wait until all of the solid reports by professional photographers come out before I consider buying this camera.

I might say more on this blog if there are responses to this post.