I have been a Nikon shooter for many years and still have my full frame camera.

My first experience with Fuji was when I bought the X100. I thought it was an amazing camera for a fixed lens camera. But as amazing as it was, it was rather quirky. So I sold it before Fuji really started to make the necessary firmware upgrades.

Then in late 2014 I needed a smaller camera for travel, and I was still intrigued with my previous Fuji experience, so I decided to give Fuji another try, and bought the XE2 with the kit lens.

Well I am so happy with the camera I hardly use the Nikon anymore. Yes it is a smaller sensor size, but the quality is great, the ergonomics is great. and the electronic viewfinder has been a very positive experience for me. In general I am really loving the experience of using this new camera.

So my next move is to buy a few more great Fuji lenses, and then wait to see what Fuji does with the next batch of bodies. Maybe an X2 Pro? or the XT1 with more pixels.

I would love buy an XT1 right now, but in the meantime the XE2 gives me the same quality as the XT1, so I will wait to see what Fuji has up their sleeve, and go buy those great Fuji lenses that I need.