Darrell Uruski

The Artist –  Darrell Uruski

Darrell Uruski has been working as a professional photographer in Canada since 1976. Today he works exclusively as a fine art photographer producing high quality fine art prints and canvas wall art.

At the beginning of his career Darrell worked with many different film-based cameras including large format view cameras and medium format film cameras. During the popular days of film-based photography Darrell also worked in the darkroom to process and print all of his own black & white and colour photographs.

In 1997 Darrell made the switch to digital photography, and still continues to edit and print, all of his own work. During each stage of the photographic process Darrell carefully edits and prints high resolution digital images while using only the finest archival quality media, inks, and printers that are available.

His main goal is to produce photographic art that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Many hours are spent producing each individual work, and because of this attention to detail, every finished art piece is suitable for wall display in home or office environments.

Artist Statement

Darrell Uruski

Every artist has his own unique style. For me as an artist the journey has been a long and interesting path whereby I gained experience in many different fields of photography.

It has taken me many years to define what type of artist I wanted to be.

Today I work exclusively in the medium of photography. The art that I produce is the result of my artistic expression and style.

Fine art photography is a creative process, and I will use whatever photographic techniques are available so that I can best reveal the essence and mood of the art that I create. The finished art piece is my personal interpretation of my artistic expression.

As a artist, I prefer to keep my work as real and vibrant as possible. For me the finished art piece needs to be believable to the eyes and to the mind.

My goal is to produce art that can deliver the same emotional experiences I had while viewing the scene. The finished art piece is meant to intrigue the mind, calm our inner spirit, and restore our sense of well being.


It is hard to believe I have been involved in photography since the mid 1970’s. Over the years photography has always been good to me and has been a big part of my life.

In 1976, I received a photographic diploma from The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in Edmonton, Alberta. After that I worked as a portrait and wedding photographer for several photographic studios in the Edmonton region.

In 1980, my photographic career took a very different path. I was hired by the Calgary Police Service to work in their photographic department. For the next 15 years I worked for the Calgary Police Service processing and printing forensic evidence photographs, and in their Surveillance Unit taking video and film surveillance photographs. Frequently I had to attend court to present our photographic evidence.

In 1981, I was married, became a Christian, and in 1982 we had our first child. Since then Kathy and I have added two other children to our family unit.

In 1995, I transferred to The Calgary Fire Department and worked in their Audio Visual Unit. While at The Calgary Fire Department I was responsible for their corporate and industrial photography needs. This included all of their public relations photography, training materials and emergency calls to photograph many of the large fires that occurred in the Calgary region.

In addition to their photographic assignments at The Calgary Fire Department I also was in charge of producing their audio visual training programs. During this time period I received seven international LEVA Shield awards for the training programs that I had produced.

In 2010 I decided to leave the world of corporate and industrial photography and focus my passion towards producing Fine Art Photographs. Currently I am based in the beautiful south Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. As a Canadian my plan is to create many new fine art photographs of this beautiful country. I will also be traveling to other world wide destinations and will include fine art photographs from those locations too.