Having purchased a Fuji X-100 I thought it was time to offer some insight as to whether you should line up to buy the new X-1Pro

I have been a photographer for many years shooting film, then digital. I have used and owned view cameras, Hasselblad cameras, and many Nikon film, and digital cameras. I purchased the X-100 camera for many reasons and the X-100 does take some wonderful photographs.

I enjoy using the camera but I recognize that it has many bugs, limitations, and imperfections. I will continue to use this camera for certain types of photography, but until then the Nikon DSLR’s I use will cover most of my work.

Because of my experiences with Fuji and Fuji Canada I do not recommend that people rush out to buy this camera. I could write for days about the problems with the X-100 such as a defective lens assembly that Fuji repaired twice. Or the slow focus, or the battery problems, or the buffer problems, or the useless manual focus by wire problems.

I still love my x-100 for what it is, but I use it within it’s abilities and overlook many of it’s shortcomings such as inaccurate exposure control, lack of flash control, no weather sealing and so forth.

On paper I like much of what I read and view about the X-1Pro, but I can see this camera will have many growing pains like the X-100 for a long time. One day I might buy this camera but this time I will wait until Fuji has fixed the many bugs this camera will have before buying it. I do not like the focus by wire lenses on the X-1Pro and I will wait until others report on the lenses. I don’t know if the focus will be any faster than the X-100. For me the X-1Pro needs a much faster and accurate focus.

The new X-1Pro has a new menu layout and yet Fuji still have not fixed the menu layout on the X-100. I don’t know it Fuji will be dropping the X-100 soon, but my bet is they are now totally focused on the X-1Pro camera and the sweet X-100 will receive little attention.

I will patiently wait until all of the solid reports by professional photographers come out before I consider buying this camera.

I might say more on this blog if there are responses to this post.